Playing The Game of Business To Win

To the entrepreneur, business can be viewed as a serious and rewarding game. The complexity of directing a large business can be replaced with the simplicity of managing a small team. The entrepreneur conceptualizes the game by defining the strategy for winning, the characteristics of the players, and the role to be taken by the manager/coach.

First, the game.

Football, basketball, and team tennis each have a different field or court, different rules, and different numbers of key players. Each player has special skills and assumes a different position.  Determining the game or business model and then changing it over time are critical decisions.

Second, the strategy.

The manager/entrepreneur must assess the conditions of play, i.e., in business terms, the growth desired, the economy, the competition, the skills of the employees and their preparedness for business growth. Once assured, a “game” plan must be formulated along with the appropriate way to “keep score.”

Third, the team members.

The values, personal traits, and business skills of the players/employees to be named (hired) are essential. The entrepreneur must be aware of his own skills and the ideal qualifications of each player. The completed team has to have the ingredients necessary to win. Ideally, players/employees with intelligence, self esteem, strong work ethics, positive attitudes and tolerance for pressure can be recruited. With traits like these, shortcomings in skills can be minimized through training.

Fourth, the manager.

At the onset the manager/entrepreneur must not only define the game, set the strategy, select and train the players, and organize for success but also play the game. Ideally, the role changes as the players gain confidence and begin to guide the game. How satisfying for the manager to play less and spend more time developing the strategy for winning!

Fifth, overachieving.

Few small businesses grow large without significant measures of sharply focused effort by both the players/employees and the manager/entrepreneur. Overachieving or the application of on-going extra time and effort is the fuel to winning, increasing self-esteem, and refining skill levels.

Yes, business can be a serious and satisfying game. With a defined game, strategy, team, manager, and overachieving, success will come to those who play the game to win.

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