* As a voting result by TBC Clients and the Best of Fremont Readers’ Choice Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 TBC has received recognition for 6 consecutive years for Accounting Services and Tax Preparation *

The following list are examples of categories of Clients and Services provided by TBC.

High Technology

  • Development of a $300K venture plan requiring six months to orient a laboratory from laser, electronic and optics development, patenting and licensing to a proprietary low cost inspection process business.

  • Assessment, detailing, and upgrading of financial reporting with process instruction to a 15 year client with sales of $4M developing and producing patented aerospace components for satellites.

Medical Products/Services

  • Direction of a 5 year financial improvement program of  7 mental health care centers of a non profit organization with priorities being the use of the One Page® Planning process to achieve positive cash flow.

  • Definition and implementation of the TBC Financial Care℠ process of business forecasts and reviews which prepared a client producing  patented sterilization indicators for being acquired by a public 500 firm.

Environmental Services

  • Formation of an Advisory Board with 7 members to provide input to an inspection and remedial firm with sales of $1.8M/year allowing the business team to achieve multi state growth and retire $400K of debt.

  • Accounting and income tax services after start up to a high end construction contractor who re-oriented his firm to assessment and remedial services of residential clients seeking energy conservation.

Information Technology

  • Acted as the senior financial professional over 3½ years providing to a $30M client all the ongoing advanced services which included due diligence support to Big 4 CPA’s of a firm presenting an earn out offer.

  • Quantification of employee embezzlement totaling $1.8M of a $19M US and Canadian based firm followed by ongoing controller type responsibilities for accounting procedures, controls and monitoring.

Children’s Fitness/Education

  • Acceptance for national franchising of a children’s party and fitness firm after a process of guiding its management over a 3 year period, realizing revenue of $750K and achieving highly profitable operations.

  • Study of finances and marketing  plus recommendations to Montessori school owner whose start up and growth were severely hampered by the slowdown and an incomplete market assessment.

Mid-Size Construction

  • Definition and installation of a combination of growth and productivity programs from start up to revenue now exceeding $30M of a 20 year electrical construction firm servicing high technology commercial clients.

  • Definition and management of a profit recovery program of a $6M general contraction firm requiring refinement of bidding, job costing,  project management and supervision plus obtaining a line of credit.

Mid-Size Business Services

  • Implementation of a quarterly business review process along with routine accounting and tax support to a 25 year client with sales of $2M allowing creation of multi entities and acquisition of 2 smaller firms.

  • Accounting, income tax and consulting support during entry to the commercial market in difficult economic conditions of a 22 year client with revenue of $1.8M/year providing services to residential clients.

Mid-Size Nonprofit Firms

  • Conversion of a mid range software and spreadsheet accounting system to QuickBooks of a organization receiving donations of $12M per year to provide meals, shelter and care to those in need. 

  • Board of Directors executive committee support to a food bank and thrift store with receipts of $3.5M during hiring of new executive director and an upgrade of personnel, systems, policies and cash management.


  • Development of a personal financial plan with detailed actions to retire debts of $250K of student loans, $60K of delinquent income taxes, an interest only home mortgage and $30K of credit cards.

  • Development of IRS actions and creditor coordination, filing of 10 years of delinquent income taxes and obtaining a reverse mortgage allowing home ownership, care of an ailing wife and retirement.