Here are some of the services our Tax Care professionals can provide to you:

Tax Planning.png

Tax Planning

We start with a tax estimate and then you receive updates during the year so you can anticipate and avoid problems. We develop Tax Management strategies to assure you are paying the correct taxes.

Mid-Year Tax Review.png

Mid-Year Tax Review

We review an estimate of your tax situation while there is still plenty of time to take action to minimize and plan your taxes.

Year-End Tax Review.png

Year-End Tax Review

We update your tax estimate and review alternatives to reduce your total tax obligations.

Tax Preparation.png

Tax Preparation

Our clients often prefer the option to mail tax information to TBC for return preparation. We prepare your return, notify you of any questions or problems, and mail the prepared returns to you for review. This includes out-of-state returns and prior years and amended returns.

Tax Representation.png

Tax Representation

In the event of needed representation, TBC Enrolled Agents are qualified to represent you before the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board.

Tax Research.png

Tax Research

Get answers from a TBC Enrolled Agent or a referral to a local CPA or tax law professional. Please call us with any tax questions.

Online Tax Notebook.png

Online Tax Notebook

For clients who prefer to input tax information via computer rather than fill out the tax organizer manually. Clients use TBC’s website to access the Tax Notebook and TBC is notified when online Tax Notebooks are complete.

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