Financial planning, business consulting and general management services for small business and non-profit organizations.

Provides Benefits of Packaged Services

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  • Provides The Next Level℠ input
  • Gives access to professionals
  • Provides a routine Business Review
  • Fosters learning and exploring concepts
  • Combines different planning methodologies
  • Streamlines planning into simple steps

Contains Essentials of a Routine Review

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  • Routinely conducted by firm management
  • Focus agenda on performance and progress
  • Content addresses past, present and future
  • Meeting minutes summarized in outline form
  • Review most significant operational factors
  • Lists status and responsibility of Open Issues

Makes Available Additional Options

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  • Introduction of future periods reflecting trends
  • Assess progress of completion of key actions
  • Define priority, responsibility and completion
  • Discuss greatest impact of economic trends
  • Review of technical competitive conditions
  • Compares past to projected financial periods