Corporations are to comply with both state and federal laws and regulations. As officer and/or director, you may be setting your corporation up for legal action if compliance is marginal or omitted. If this happens, you should be aware that your personal assets may be seized to satisfy a judgment against your corporation.

Typically about half of small business corporations put “at risk” the benefits of the corporate structure and the personal assets of their shareholders.

By simply using this program you not only help to protect the assets of your corporation, but your personal assets as well. This package is designed to cradle and care for your corporation.

An annual meeting can mean the difference between peace of mind and the risk of lawsuits and Internal Revenue Service assessments.

A Documented Meeting Will Consist Of The Following Reviews

  • Financial Analysis

    • Review of Last Year's Financials

    • Next Year's Budget

    • Highlights

    • Company on Target

    • Retirement

  • Election of Directors/Officers

  • Fringe Benefits

    • Health Insurance

    • Disability Insurance

    • Medical Reimbursement Plan

    • Automobile

    • Retirement Plan

  • Compensation

  • Loans

  • Banking

  • Document Review

  • Compliance Review

    • Payroll Record Keeping

    • Aging of Receivables

    • Minute Book

    • Promissory Notes

    • State Corporation Registration

    • Business Licenses Within State

    • Foreign Registration

    • Trade Name Protection

    • Fringe Benefit/Non-Discrimination

    • Employment